How to Care for your faux leather handbag

Recently, have you purchased a beautiful vegan leather handbag? Congratulations! You made a choice that is both ethical and stylish.

Faux leather is made from polyurethane, which is often an artificial material. It is an excellent option for vegan clothing, as it doesn’t involve the slaughter of animals. Faux leather looks like genuine leather but is often cheaper and cruelty-free.

You must know how to care for your PU leather bag so it will look and feel like new.

The care instructions for PU leather are very similar to animal leather but much more straightforward. Follow the below instructions to maintain your bag’s condition.

Keep your faux leather handbag clean


Women have a lot in their bags, including money, receipts, makeup, and snacks, to keep them fueled on the move.

This also means your handbag will be at risk if you bring any items. To clean a faux-leather purse, the first thing you need to do is prevent stains. Whatever you are carrying, here are some tips for protecting your bag:

  • Buy a makeup pouch. When you are on your morning commute, and your bag gets jostled, the caps and tops of makeup products can fall off. This leaves you with ruined lipstick and a stain inside your bag. The makeup pouch will keep your products in a small space and reduce the chances of spills or stains.
  • Carry pens that have caps. If you carry a clicker pen, it can accidentally “click” open in your bag. This could result in some abstract ink staining on your handbag. The cap on a pen makes it less likely that the cell will open. This keeps your vegan bag safe.
  • Have you ever forgotten something that was dropped in your bag? It can cause a messy load and, when food is forgotten, can leave stains and smells that can be difficult to remove. You should empty and sort your bag every week if you carry the same bag for weeks.

How to Clean a PU Leather Handbag

The Surface

Sometimes, a stain cannot be avoided. You may have accidentally dropped your bag or spilled some drink on your PU leather.

Don’t panic! If you clean it correctly, PU leather is effortless to clean.

Follow these simple steps to make your bag look like new.

  1. Mix a little water with mild dish soap (harder detergents can cause drying).
  2. Dip a microfibre cloth (we recommend) into the mixture.
  3. Test the mixture in a small area of the bag. Try to test the mix on the bag’s interior or the strap. Before applying the medicine, make sure that the stain is not discolored.
  4. Use the microfibre towel to wash away the stain gently. Try a solution of water and vinegar if the color doesn’t come out or is deeply set. Vinegar is safe to use on synthetic leather and helps remove stains’ odors naturally.
  5. Allow your bag to air dry completely. You could get mold or bacteria on the surface if you store the bag before it dries.
  7. Your handbag will benefit from a gentle cleaning now and then. Regular use lets you keep up with the general marks and grease buildup.
  8. The rule is to keep things simple. Use a microfibre cloth, warm water, and mild detergent to wipe the bag’s surface.
  9. Then, dry it with a clean, soft cloth.
  10. How to stop your faux leather from cracking
  11. When exposed to excessive sunlight, genuine leather can crack and ruin the appearance of your bag. PU leather mimics animal-based leather, which can break if not properly cared for.
  12. Faux leather cracking is caused by UVB rays affecting the molecular structure. This causes PU (or Vinyl) compounds to become brittle and susceptible to breaking. You should limit your exposure to sunlight to prevent cracks in your PU leather bag.
  13. It’s a big no-no to leave your handbag in your car when it’s hot.
  14. Many leather manufacturers also offer ‘leather conditioning’ products. Although it is unnecessary, you can use these conditioners or baby oil to add a layer of protection to your bag. Be careful not to overdo it. A little product can go a long way. Refrain from ending up with a shiny or greasy bag.
  15. Storing Your Faux Leather Purse
  16. Proper storage of your PU leather purses is essential to make them last longer.
  17. These are the Dos and Don’ts of storing faux-leather purses and bags.
    • DO Store your handbags upright or flat.
    • Do not hang purses! Angela Roi, a leading vegan designer of handbags, says, “Avoid hanging the bag by its straps.” It can put pressure on the strap connectors and wear out the seams.
    • Protect your purse with a dust bag or pillowcase to keep it clean and free of dust.
    • Store PU leather in a plastic bag. Plastic bags can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew to grow on your bag. They can also become stuck to faux leather, ruining it.
    • Fill your faux leather bags with pillows, tissue paper, or other fabrics. This will help to keep their shape.
    • Do not stack purses. This can cause purse hardware, such as zipper pulls, to scratch or crush.
  1. Make it last – Go Light.
  2. If you take care of them, vegan leather bags will last very long.
  3. To give your faux leather handbag longevity, rotate your bags every once in a while instead of using one each day.
  4. Weight is important. A handbag can be damaged if it’s constantly under pressure. Avoid overloading your bag regularly with heavy items, such as a laptop.
  6. You get what you paid for. This old maxim also applies to vegan bags.
  7. If your faux leather bag is more expensive, the bag was created by better artisans using better materials. This results in a better finish and more excellent durability. The quality of high-end handbags is also tested, unlike cheaper brands.
  8. Fashion is meant to be disposable. Pay attention to your favorite brands: How often do they release new designs and then discard them? What are the prices? What are their fees?
  9. Cheap handbags should be avoided.


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