Top Grain vs. Full Grain: A Comprehensive Guide

Few luxury products can compare to genuine Leather. Absolute leather briefcases and bags are an excellent investment for your wardrobe.

What does Leather of high quality look like? This guide will help you understand the difference between full-grain and top-grain Leather, so you can ensure the bag you choose is right for you.

What is top-grain Leather?

Top-grain Leather is the second-best leather material in quality, only behind whole-grain. This Leather is highly versatile, but its qualities make it ideal for shoes and belts. Regarding quality, this Leather is a world apart from faux or PU Leather.

The name top grain leather comes from the sanding or buffing done to it to create a smooth, polished surface. Top-grain Leather is similar to Full-Grain Leather but has had a few microns of the surface sanded to remove any imperfections or blemishes found in hides. The polished finish is the main difference between these luxury materials.

Find out more about the care of top-grain Leather.


Top-grain Leather is a great option when you’re looking to purchase your next leather bag or briefcase.

  • Durability Top-grain Leather is highly durable and robust and can withstand much more wear than other materials. It is perfect for heavy-duty bags like a Briefcase or Messenger Bag for your commute.
  • Style– Top-grain Leather has a smooth and polished look. It feels and looks great. The bag also develops a unique style and ages well. This is great because the bags are so durable.
  • Care – Top-grade Leather is effortless to maintain and clean. A genuine, well-maintained leather bag can last many years and be a good investment.
  • Price – Top-grain leather bags are slightly less expensive than full-grain leather options. Genuine Leather is costly over time. A top-grain bag can outlast many cheaper options and be more affordable in the long run.

What is full-grain Leather?

Full-grain hide is the most durable and most challenging layer. This explains its natural characteristics and qualities. Full-grain Leather does not undergo any alterations in the tanning procedure, making it genuine and authentic.

Full-grain Leather is more durable and water-resistant than top-grain Leather because of its tighter, natural pattern. This is the best quality leather available, exceeding genuine and top-grain Leather.

Full-grain Leather is superior to imitations made of faux Leather because it has a better texture and durability.


  • Durability Full-grain Leather is the finest and will stand the test of time. Full-grain Leather is highly durable and perfect for heavy-duty items such as bags and leather briefcases.
  • Style Full grain leather is a popular choice because it has the rugged look of Leather that people love. This Leather is an excellent choice for all types and can be worn at home and work.
  • Maintenance Full grain leather, like top grain leather, can be cleaned and maintained easily. We have created a guide on how to care for your Leather.
  • Character The leather material has many different characteristics. High-quality leathers have a familiar leather scent, and the texture and detailing of the fabric make each piece unique.


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